About Us

Emergency Repair. Maintenance. Service. Since 2005.

So back in the summer of 2004 I had a plan to start my own press repair company.

I teamed up with my soon-to-be partner Bob Wiegand. Then I hand-selected a crew of 5 guys to join me in the new adventure.

We actually started the company January 7, 2005, in a building with our tools, 1 truck and trailer and not 1 customer. So a few of us hit the road letting everyone know that R & T of West Michigan, Inc., was the new press repair company to help them in a pinch. As we went through our first year, we picked up used equipment such as lathes and mills to start our machine shop, purchased 2 more trucks and trailers and grew our crew to 8 employees. We did some good things the first year, but went without on a lot of things.

 By our third year we were up to 12 employees and growing. We built a new shop in 2008 just before the floor fell out of the economy. That next year and a half was terrible for everyone, but we all stuck together and took on anything and everything to make it through.

The new shop was 20,000 square feet and it filled quickly. Our best year to date was 2013, with 22 employees and a lot of 7 day weeks for us all.

We continued to expand that year also, adding another 7,500 sq. ft., and we are still busting at the seams. Through the years we have compiled a crew of skilled machine/press repairmen, a full service machine shop, also adding CNCs to the mix, a full fab and weld shop, rigging equipment and big trucks to haul the big loads

In September of 2018 my partner Bob retired, leaving me the sole owner. With the crew in the office and out on the floor, we keep things moving with a good reputation and loyalty to all of our customers.

Tom Wolfgang