machine REPAIR

We know them inside and out. We have pride in what we do – and it shows.

Machine Repair

We don’t just work on stamping presses, we literally work on machines of all types, from tool room equipment to rock crushers, wood cutting equipment to glue machines. With our rigging equipment there is not a lot we can’t do, from small move jobs to plant moves. If you have a machine you think needs repairs and/or a rebuild, don’t hesitate to give us a call, our service is 24/7/365.


Emergency Repair


Preventive Maintenance


Tonnage Calibration


OEM Service Work


On-site Portable Machining


Big Tools

Don’t get the wrong idea. We’re not big tools. We have Big Tools:

  • One of the biggest lathes in the state at 63″ and 35 feet between centers.
  • 120″ diameter vertical lathe
  • Gray mill 6″ spindle, x – 240″, y – 120″, z – 60″
  • Engine lathe: 14″ thru head hole, 190: from chuck to tail stock – 43″ swing
  • CNC mill 104″ x 35″ x 35″
  • CNC lathe: SL-20 lathe 4″ x 23″
  • CNC mill: VF-4 18″ x 52″ table, 16″ tall

Happy Customers

R & T has provided us with exceptional service for over 16 years. They complete our yearly inspections and service repairs on all nine of our stamping presses. Customer service is always great, prompt and services are completed on time. R & T has exceeded our expectations meeting all of our stamping press service and inspection needs!

Jeff G - Competition Engineering